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Mattys physio has recommended I get him some shoes with a good arch support, but I'm not sure where to go? I REALLY don't want to take him to clarks if I can help it, although they are ok with the girls, I've had 2 bad experiences there with Matty (different branches) where they were really quite lacklustre in measuring him properly as he couldn't stand or weightbear. He can now, hence why he needs more supportive shoes, but I don't want to return if I can help it!
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Gorden Scotts are quite good if you have on close by they sell kickers there kickers boots are very supportive and they sell the extra insoles there too and fit them for you x
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Couldn't physio get him shoes? Jasmine's had her piedro boots from our physio. They said they can get a pair of boots for each child. Ask them or maybe occupational therapist?
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we get euans piedros from orthotics at the hospital, they are fab, fantastic ankle support and arches to suit. euans now have a highered heel on one leg to match the difference between the two xx
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Hi, our orthopaedic doc recommended some european shoes for our little girl as they have much more support then a lot made in the Uk. She said that Clarks and Startrite are a big NO No as Clarks don't have enough support and Startrite are to hard and stiff. I have found Primigi very supportive for our little one but not sure if they do boys shoes, I have found a lot of these and other European shoes in TK Max, might be past season but worth a look.
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