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Are there any members caught up in the riots at the moment?
Living within the areas or near by?
We are in Birmingham which has taken a battering yet not too much news coverage Confused
How are your children responding to it?
Euan at least wants full riot gear and shield Big Grin

Scary times Sad
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I was thinking about you guys when I heard it had kicked off in Birmingham Sad hope you aren't too close to it?
Theres been rumours flying around that its starting in Sheffield, but they are just rumours luckily! So many shops have shut down here, theres probably nothing left to loot!
Think the closest to us is the Manchester ones and thats an hour away. Its quite sad, we were literally in Manc a week ago, those poor people!
Take care everyone if you're in the affected cities.
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We had a few idiots here last night kicking off (we live on a big estate that was expected to be the starting point for trouble)but apparently that was overspill from london? It makes me mad my children have to grow up in a world like this. Sad
My 8 year old wouldn't sleep in his bed last night because of the police helicopters.
Stay safe to anyone near the worst of it,x
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we're not near the city centre which is where the bulk of the trouble here has been. we are on a kind of estate (not tower blocks or anything) but its not a fabulous area lol . there have been rumours that it will kick off here but so far it hasnt, i think one shop got broke into but im not even sure that was related. i was so angry the other day though because birmingham childrens hospital is in the city centre, police had to surround that as the rioters turned up outside there....how bad is that!!! why they would want to pick on sick children i dont know Confuseds

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I think it's just awful, luckily everything has been fine here so far but my little boy (5 years) is so scared and was asking last night "why did God put the naughty people on earth?" as you can imagine there was a very long explanation!! I do hope that everyone one else is safe.
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