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my son is almost four years old and is not even close to being potty trained. he has sensory processing disorder and he doesnt even seem to realize he has to go until he is going. his therapist are not helping very much with potty training. they dont seem to have any advice. does anyone here have any advice that will work? and does anyone have any advice on getting sage's father to understand the sage doesnt know until the last minute and its not his fault?
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thats a tough one because without him actually realizing for himself that he needs to go and making that link to that sensation there really isnt much point in trying to potty train just yet as they alwasy say to anyone trying to potty train to wait for the child to be ready and to show they realise that link (ie looking down at their bits before going or figiting before they go ect) and not being dry at 4 is very common in SEN Children so dont owrry yourself to much like u said its not his fault Smile i dont know maybe there is something that u can do im just saying this from my experiences (im no doctor and Children always suprise ya!!)
in regards to your lil ones dad does he understand your boys condition?? because sometimes if we dont understand somthing fully we dont know how to deal with it, my partner had been the same with our son untill i actually sat him down and explained what was what and that he needs paitence, or maybe hes scared/worried and dosnt know how to deal with it? i dont know your situation so i cant really say but men are funny things at times! has he been to your sons app? maybe if u brought it up at the next docs meeting (maybe like your asking ) the doc can explain it more?? good luck anyway hun and give the docs a kick up the butt or thewill take forever!
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Hi I agree with what tinkerbellvicky is saying, our daughter Molly who has ASD is just coming up for seven, and we have just managed to get her out of nappies in the day (it took months and months) so don't worry that your little one is four. initially just to get her on the potty was a battle, we got her to sit on the potty by using sand timers, once she got used to sitting on the potty we removed the sand timers. Good luck but don't worry about the age thing, a year ago we never thought we would have achieved no nappies in the day.

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