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My son is 15. He is diagnosed with ASD, Tourettes and a few other things. He is in mainstream but is a little sod tbh and requires watching constantly. His DLA ran out in March yet despite sending in the forms 3 times - Nothing - Apparently they have never received them. I dont know what to do. I am broke, I have lost all my carers and DLA which was a good chunk of money for the Children. Despite ringing them they are not interested and I dont know what else to do. All I can see is bills and new shoes needed etc....but ............Well ...What can I do? I really feel like I have reached the end of the line and that even if I submit them daily they would still never get them. Please can anyone offer any advice? Thank you
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have you tried sending the form in recorded next day delivery? then you would be able to track it and have proof they recieved it? also, if you have your supporting evidence you could send that with it...try and speed the process up?

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Hi chick, so sorry to hear you are having probs with DLA, ake an appointment with the citizens advice, tey will be able to help and it will take the pressure off you.xx Hope this helps.xx

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