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Has anyone ever done this? If so can you offer me some advice.

I have enough evidence to suggest Mattie needs more support at school and still no one will get us the assessment. So I have told them I will do it myself. Any advice?
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you need to write to your local education authority, its a standard letter, i believe there is a copy of it on the site (ill post it bellow in a sec for you) basically, you send the request with your reasons why and they have so many days to respond to that

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You might also find it useful to talk to your local Parent Partnership who should be able to advise you on how to move this forward and support you with it: http://www.Children.org.uk/information/100885/100906/100908/croydon_parent_partnership/
Parent Partnerships are usually very good but local services do vary so you could also try the Advisory Centre for Education who run a help line and have a lot of good info and downloadable stuff on their website:
Good luck with it,
Jayne x
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just thought i'd ask while everyone was on the topic of statements from what age is a child entitled to a statement?my youngest boy is currently 18mths old he's starting a sn nursery in sept but can start the same sn school as his big brother when he is 2 but not without a statement?just seems sense to send them both to the same place also helps that the school is fantastic with outstanding offsted!!my eldest is now 7 so seems sooooo long ago since i went through all these things with him,i feel like a new mum all over again well to a sn child as i also have a 5yr old daughter too x
mummy to two special lil boys (7yrs & 18mths) & 1 very grown up 5yr old princess!!
"Children with disabilities are like butterflies with a broken wing. They are just as beautiful as all others, but they need help to spread their wings"

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