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hello there my son has c.p and as every1 knows the nhs will only give 1 pair at a time which sucks... he has a pair ordered for september but has none that fit now... size 26/27 if anyone has a pair i will pay... just cant afford the full price brand new as we have 2 special needs children moneys tight. we are using kickers at the moment but they are not supportive enough... thanks x x x alice x x x
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cant help with the boots but have you tried phoning ortho as while you can only have one pair at a time which is reasonable considering the cost and how quickly they grow out of them (when they are 18 you can have 2 pairs) they should be providing a pair if he has outgrown the ones he has especially as he is due new ones in a few weeks they might be able to rush order them
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i do hate the NHS,my little boy had piedros & splints until he was about 5yrs old we were then told that he wasnt entitled to piedros as he had splints but can they honestly expect him to wear them all day everyday as he also has night splints?!we find it really hard to find any 'normal' shoes/boots for him as he's legs are very stiff & he cannot move his ankles he also has very wide feet,kickers have been our best option so far although its dependent on which kind & how the leather is!!i have noticed that some people are selling piedros on ebay but didnt take much notice of what sizes etc might be worth a look,good luck x
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