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Hi. My son severe autism severe learning difficulty & recently diagnosed with ADHD. He is a very 'hyper' boy and we are currently converting our garage into room for him so that we can do more work with him at home as we really need to try and calm him down. we thing sensory integration work is what’s needs as he seeks out so much movement and bites and nips himself so much. I have looked a little into Brainwave. Sounds fantastic but not too sure how it works! Does anyone know what the cost is in doing this programme? I know it’s a charity but cant see from website the cost?? Also we're in Belfast so don’t know if they would take us guys on board!! We haven’t our son on any meds for ADHD. Have been told it will only take edge og his impulsiveness but not going to make him sit or stay still as that’s a sensory issue as well as the ADHD. All very confusing trying to work out what is causing the behaviour. Anyway would love to hear back about meds for ADHD. I hear there is a tablet that works for 4 hours so I could possibly give it to him before going to school & then we'll be able to judge if he settles there and starts to actually learn something!! My husband and I both feel guilty about giving him meds throughout the day just to make our lives easier. Especially because he is on two meds at night to try and help his awful sleeping. Know what I mean?? Thats why I think I would only do it if we were doing more sensory work and behaviour strategies at home with him and use it as an opportunity to access his learning potential. Please tell me what you think..
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my daughter was initially diagnosed with adhd and put on medication (her diagnosis is now being changed to aspergers). she was on ritalin for a while (equasim xl) this is a slow release for that works for about 8hours. she took it in the morning to help her concentrate at school and try to keep her more focused. i think it did help a little. it made her calmer in her self and less talkative (as this was a major issue) but i think as she got older her behaviour changed anyway and it appears she probably didnt have adhd but aspergers. dont feel guilty, i know we did at first but at the end of the day, we all need some sanity and if its going to help your son learn at the same time i would reccomend giving it a try!

goodluck xx

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