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Does anyone know if its possible to move to another PCT if you feel that your current provider is failing in their duty of care?

We live 2 miles away from both hospitals yet we are only allowed to use one, which is under funded and has constantly failed in their duty of care to my daughter.

The only reason we have had any help for her at all has been thanks to the 'other' hospital the one in which she was born and where her paedatrician is based because of her stay in SCBU, neonatal etc.

When she has her surgery it will be at the good hospital and her eye doctors are based there etc. But for CDT (Development Team Meetings) etc we have to stay local and they are absolutely rubbish.. in fact the good hospital has a fantastic CDC centre but because we don't come under the catchment area for it she cant go.

I'd like her care to be co-ordinated all in one place by the one good hospital.. am i asking too much here? We are even considering moving closer to the good hospital just to change the situation but that's quite a drastic solution for us to take.

Oh and we have evidence that the CDT team co-ordinating her care at present have missed several important things which could have ended up with my daughter having kidney damage.. im very unhappy Sad

Please help if you can.. next CDT is coming up and i dont want to say anything stupid and then be stuck with them..

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