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glad that was cleared up as i wrongly assumed that it meant disabled daughter/son which is why d p confused me lol.

Thanks for the explaination why mine and Karens post had changed lol i thought i was going nuts as i knew i hadnt changed mine. good tool though

it wasnt just you lea i had seen d d and d s before it was just the d p i hadnt. at first i just thought it was childs name until saw a few ppl using it and it being used on a different website when i was searching for something lol
awwwwwww wish him a happy birthday and have a good day xxxx
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hey corinne i was i was loosing the plot how did my post change hahahhaha ??
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Daniel changed it as i confused everyone with my silly shorthand haha!
Was like the other day corinne when i said i was a **S(A)HM** (Stay at home mum) lol..
Trust me eh!
As for DP (Less of the darling at times haha oj)
(Thanks for bday wishes.. we told him its hes bday tomoz nd he says nooo its ellies haha cause hers was last week.. bless him) Xx
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(01-30-2010, 10:38 AM)Lea89x Wrote: Was like the other day corinne when i said i was a (S)AHM.. (Stay at home mum) lol..
Theres another one to add......Big Grin
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awww happy birthday for tomorow. Euan is terrible, he thinks everyones b'day is HIS b'day and sings happy birthday to himself lol. He also thought xmas was his birthday bless. Children are so funny!!


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