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I all i curenntly have a maclaren makor for my son but im just not liking it at all he looks so uncomfy and it doesnt lie back which i hate as he always sleeps on the way home from nursery, i dont have much money and think most special needs prams to be way out of my price range but then i found the special tomato eio and wandered if anyone had used one, my father in law lives in florida and it has free shipping to him and he is willing to bring it over with him when he visits at christmas its a fantastic price but not sure, it lies back and looks so comfy
can anyone advise?
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We have a tomato, it fits perfectly into an average Maclaren so might be a little small for a major. Its very comfortable, our OT supplied it, so might be worth asking for one rather than paying, or worth asking for a buggy / wheelchair referal.
As a product I thought it was OK. Ours has split, it doesnt lay back too well as ours is in two pieces, but my son is stiff so he would react differently. Its does well at holding a body in place, we used it in a swing, but its a tight fit.
Hope these points help. My son was 2 / 3 when he used it. Don't know if they come in a larger size though. Smile
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Hiya we have the tomatio eio and love it , ours is 2 yrs old now and used everyday by my little one, hes 4 and still fits in it, i love the fact the inserts and support comes with it, the buggy itself is bulky and i found the phil and teds double raincover was the best fit for it,
feel free to ask any questions if i can help
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hi i also have the tomatio eio buggy.This pram is the best ive used . make sure your dad get you a rain cover as i had a problem getting 1 but mother care do 1 to fit 2. any question just ask .

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