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thankyou both i certainly wont take this laying down! i did think thats is was against some sort of law but wasnt sure as im still very new to the way the system works for children with special needs, and what his rights are, thats a good idea daniel thankyou i will do that when he goes back in september atleast then if i have it in writng she wont have a leg to stand on when i make my complaint.
and thankyou corrine for your reply, the piolt sceme is where the goverment pays his nursery fee's as he is deemed as in need to go to nursery early (hes only 2 1/2) becuase os his communication difficulties so that (in theory) he can get help from school early ect the head teacher who we are having problems with is head of SENCO and ive got a mind to ask to see her credentials and ask what experience shes had in the field because to me it seems she has no clue she said o me i should only worry if hs not talking by 5 or 6!!! unbelievable eh? but thankyou all so much for your suppourt atleast i know im not over reacting !
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how awful just goes to show its happening everywhere we had such a battle on our hands with something similar

contact ipsea hun and there is a disibility law place in london , contact a family would have some contacts you could contact

write it all down as well and if ever you go to any meetings make sure you get a witness and take notes as they will wiggle them selves out

grrrr makes my blood boil

personally when you do find out and get them told!! i wouldnt let them have the privealage of my son there!! find a better one hun

good luck

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