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hi everyone,
i need some advice as to wether or not my son is being discriminated against and where i stand legally if possible.
my son was enrolled into a Private nursery because he is non-verbal and possibly Autistic (still waiting for peads appoinment 6 months after initial appointment!!) with help from the goverments 2 year pilot sceme. everything was going fine untill my sons speech and language therapist visited the nursery and spoke to them about connors potential problems and needs. i frequently requested that Makaton was used with connor as he had already gotten the basics and was doing really well with it, as did his speech n language therapist in the report she sent to the nursery, however when i vistited for his parents day the head-teacher/ head of SENCO told me she never recived the report and would not use Makaton with him till she had it in writing from the therapist, fair enough i thought so i took my copy down there and showed her it and she said yes weve had this report for ages!!! and still refuses to use Makaton with him because "she dosnt agree with it" further more she said if connor was to be diagnosed with Autism he would have to leave the nursery as she refuses to hire any staff trained to work with him! this is their head of SENCO talking!! im furious and sure this cant possibly be allowed!!
any advice on what i should do? needless to say im going to find another nursery as soon as poss but they shouldnt be aloowed to get away with this!!
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surely they can't do that, have you spoken to your health vister
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thats what i thought theres got to be some sort of law or act saying that shes not allowed to do that. i have spoken to his health visitor and she said to get onto the speech therapist again and see if they will say the same thing to her (obviuosly to get confirmation as at the moment its our word against hers) his headteacher said that it would put other children at risk to use one of her current staff as a suppourt worker to Connor as they dont have enough staff apparently, but refuses to hire any, and will only continue to allow connor in the nursery if trained staff are provided by another agency (assume thats local council) i really dont want to have to move him as its going to be very distressing for him and the other staff there i couldnt fault they are brilliant with him, but if the head teacher/head of SENCO (what a joke) is not suppourtive what can i do Sad
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erm not that up on SENCO's but surely the name special educational needs co-ordinator is hired to work with children with special needs to help integrate them into the nursery? i would definitely put in a complaint as they have already accepted him at the nursery and a diagnosis is not going to change his behaviour and what is the pilot scheme? is he on it because he is suspected autistic? i would also have thought refusing to use his form of communication bordered on a breach of his human rights as it is not allowing him to join in
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No school can refuse to help a child and certainally cannot refuse to hire staff as they are legally obliged to make reasonable adjustments.
I would actually ask the senco to place her refusal and reasons for not doing makaton and make it perfectly clear that if she will not place her reasons in writing you will be contacting the LEA and also IPSEA who will fight this.
In all honesty they cannot do this FULL STOP.
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