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I am looking some advice on benefits my son might be intitled to , he is 8 weeks old and was born with out his right hand , it stops at his wrist (aminotic band ) How do i find out all what hes intitled to as he will need things adapted for him when hes older so the more help he has the better
i have phoned the DLA office and they wont give me a form untill hes 3 months , is there anything else i should do ?
does he have to be resigerd Disabled ? if yes who does this ?
I am totally new to this never had to claim benefits before so im finding this quiet daunting
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Hi and welcome to the forum,
The advice about waiting until 3 months is right and even then at 3 months old there is no promise that an award will be payed out.
DLA is based on care needs being higher than that of a child without the disability.
So just wondering at the 3 month stage what the extra care needs will be at that time?
Do you have to provide any type of medical care such as medication or extra care?
If not i feel that maybe an award wouldnt be possible until a little later on such as when additonal help is needed such as the crawling stage,feeding stage etc as then he will need this additional care which dla is dependent on.

Where is he now in regards to any extra care?
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