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Hello all

i do apppologise if this has been posted before , but my little man has outgrown hes stroller and its so uncomfy for him (no wonder he kicks such a fuss going in it)

i am looking for some special needs strollers for him something that looks nice and easy to manouvure and comfortable for him so he will not kick such a fus to go in

he wouldnt need too much support just somewhere to lean hes feet on

im not too keen on the mothercare strollers ......

if anyone has any links or reccomend any i would be oh so greatfull please as i dont know where to look .

Thankyou in advance

xx Ambreen xx

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Have you considered a referal for a wheelchair, my son is 3 with diaplegic cp and gets on really well with his. Is much easier to push and manover also. There are alot of accessories like vest straps, head rests and extension handle bars depending on your height and his ability. If he can do the big wheels or they may be dangerous, they do them with small back wheels too. Worth asking your OT about Smile
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hi, i have had a few pushchairs now! the first was a ormesa bug - very nice and comfy and easy to push but very big in the car. the jazz easy was even bigger! very heavy up kerbs when my son hit 3 stone-ish!!!
im not keen on the maclaren major because the handle bars are so high (im only 5ft!) but it is easy to push and very small when folded. i still use one on shopping days. also child does not slump too much even though there is no lie-back. mine has bucked slightly. the plus there is a lovely raincover and suncanopy.
i now use a convaid cruiser for school and love it! it does not have lay back but i have a vest harness and head support. no raincover fits but we use a waterproof cape. it is more wheelchair like, which means his screaching and wailing just get sympathetic looks rather than tut-tut that child is dreadful!
hope this helps,
i bought my first from e-bay and was glad i did - the first o.t assessment took 9 months to come through and his first buggy - a year after he was diagnosed!
check your waiting times, never feel guilty for wanting the best for your child.
let me know how you get on, lol x
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I have an advanced mobility all terrain buggy for my son, its quite big, but very comfy and easy to push, we got it off ebay as he has a wheelchair provided, but its not suitable for when we go to the park, or the beach, or walks etc.
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Hi, we have used a quinny speedi sx when she was younger but started using a maclaren major, it does the job and comfy for our little one. I would ideally like to find something a bit more trendy for her that doesn't cost a huge amount.
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