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we are writing to try find some advice about our little boy Leighton,
Leighton is 3 years old and has always had a repetitive behaviour which he does throughout the day it seems to be very like a description I found of a spasmodic upper body squeeze
Leighton had crainosystosis (scaphocephaly) the bones in his skull fused early which resulted in the deformity to the skull when he was born and Leighton has has three quarters of his skull reconstructed when he was around 18 month old the surgery went well and now he has a great head shape.
Since his surgery in sept 2009 Leighton has undergone assessments for social and communication disorder. Leighton has some learning delay he uses picture communication cards (pecs) and since there introduction he has done really well with using them. Due to Leighton being born with deformed feet (not straight) he wears peidro boots to help his feet straighten... Leighton had a pep-3 and ados assesments in may to june 2011 but after a meeting in july Leighton was not diagnosed with Autism. But Leighton we feel is still showing autistic traits (the lining of cars, doesn't like to play with peers nor like peers invading in his space) although Leighton is bright in other ways as he can do a 50 piece puzzle all alone and line numbers in order 1-20. We are not sure if it is SMS but the upper body squeeze is just like the behaviour Leighton is showing.
please take a look at our video of Leighton doing this behaviour...


we appreciate any help you can give to us and look forward to hearing from you

Kirsty and gareth (parents of leighton)
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Hi there. has a wee look at your video and to me it does look very much sensory behaviour. Children with autism do behave bizarrely'! Because of sensory integration. Its looks like he is seeking deep pressure. Maybe because midnight garden was 'tickling' him inside in a sense or when he is all excited then he then needs to ground himself squeezing. You might find a weighted jacket or waist coat might help him as the added weight makes him feel more concrete in a way. My son has severe autism. he is 5 non verbal with serve learning difficulties. a lot of has 'strange' behaviours are sensory driven. Squeezing nipping biting jumping running banging etc etc. are you going to push for a diagnoses? what his teacher think?? Cat

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