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Its definatly harder to recognise in girls, as we can hide it and try to fit in, whereas boys dont really try. I have aspergers and although am not officially fully diagnosed yet, i didnt find out till i was 22!!!! I went to CAMHS when i was younger and saw many different people and they all told my mom that it was nothing, i was just very very shy and i just had some anger problems. I also believe my 9 year old has aspergers but have never pushed it, she has always been really clever, started talking at 10 months and is very intelligent. i did think it was ADHD at first but the more i watch her the more she acts like me. There is no point in me trying to push for a diagnosis with her at the mo as she wont get it, she has loads of "friends" but only if they do what she wants them to do. My middle daughter is 6 and has autism, she was diagnosed when she was 2 yrs and 10 months

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