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We are wondering what would happen in this instance:

Our daughter is 2 and a half and after suffering a stroke due to kidney failure resulting from meningococcal septicaemia, she has left sided weakness and cannot as yet (fingers crossed) walk.

We have a lot of equipment in the home and i'm sure there is more to come.

We live in a new build (about 4 years old) and although it would be fine for a normal (excuse the phrase) family it will no longer be suitable for us within a couple of years.

We are sure that adaptions will not be a possibility for the property and wondered what would happen in this instance?

We cannot afford to buy a new house as my partner is the registered carer for our daughter and I receive income support for providing substanial care also.

If we sold our property due to the current climate we would probably break even on what is owed on the mortgage and we don't have any savings.

We not really sure what would happen and hoped that maybe people on the forum may have experience?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

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I notice that you are from Linconshire, now what happens here all depends on your local DFG policy. DFG = Disabilities Facilities Grant. This, for children, is a non- means tested grant, up to £30,000, to cover adaptations and changes within the home to suit your disabled child. Your local council write the policy, it varys from region to region.
I live in Plymouth and here we have the Private Sector Housing team will come and assess your home, and if your home is deemed not adaptable, or too expensive to adapt they will use the money to help you move. The big catch in this is that it seems very few areas have this scheme, you would need to phone your local council to ask.
Your daughters occupational therapist should be able to advise whether your council do it, or whether adaptations were possible. They should also have a rough idea of the costings of these adaptations and whether the DFG would cover it.
Hope this helps.

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