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Jack was 'assessed' (again) by our Ed Psycho at nursery as part of the beginning of the statementing process. At the end of the assessment she spoke with me for about 5 mins - 5 weeks later she sent us a copy of her report. Too late (or so she thought) for me to comment on it before she sent it to the Education Panel for consideration!!

We were blazing when we read it. We actually wondered if she'd been observing another child! She'd written things in it like 'Jack can climb stairs' - He's NEVER climbed stairs without us supporting him and she couldn't have observed it during the assessment as they don't have stairs in nursery. She said 'Jack is unable to use his pincer grip' - he uses this grip extremely well and has done since he was very little. She also put his developmental age for 'vision' at 8 months - this put him back from the 22 months that SHE and her boss assessed him at last year! The whole report read like a made up story so I e-mailed her boss as I can't trust the Psycho we got and certainly didn't want to talk to her. It's the 3rd time she's managed to upset us - and besides anything else Jack doesn't like her and refuses to 'perform' for her!

Anyway to cut a long story short, her manager rang me to discuss what had happened and basically asked what we wanted to do - I had to tell her that Dave said if she turned up to any of our family meetings he would walk out and tell everyone why! Her manager was brilliant and said we needed to be able to trust any health pro that we had to see and she would refer our report to the Ed Psycho Principal - who rang me last week. She has changed our Ed Psycho and apologised madly for the poor service we'd received from her Dept - but like I pointed our to her - their service is great but unfortunately some of her staff let it down. We're really happy with what they've done and Jack is being assessed again this week at nursery by a Senior Ed Psycho. I tried to feel sorry for the one we complained about, but it just didn't happen!! Like us all, we want the best possible start in life for Jack and nobody is going to bully me into anything else! x
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we had a similar problem with a lady from the cdc who came and assessed euan when he first started nursery. she came with the ed psych and came out with a load of tosh about how active he was etc (which is tosh as he has alot of stamina problems, bone problems, low muscle tone etc) and how he 'played' with other children - which at the time he didnt at all. Anyway, when it came to statementing, her report was completely different to anyone elses so they disregarded it. the ed psych admitted that while he was there she influenced his view but when he did his own assessment and the school did their own, it was completely different to hers. i just refused to go back to the cdc after that, now he's going full time september (hes fully statemented for every hour of the school day) school will just continuously assess him, theyve set out ieps guided by his physio an OT assessments and speech therapy so im so looking forward to him starting, he really enjoys school!! Smile hope your new ed psych is better, makes the whole process alot smoother xx

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