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I got my daughters DLA claim back yesterday and although shes had higher rate care for the last nearly 3 years they've reduced it back to middle! She has always got higher rate mobility.

I had a feeling they would as when she got it last time her epilepsy was really bad and she was having seizures in the night and wetting the bed.... she has always been a bad sleeper anyway but before this had always got only middle rate which I just put down to her age and how much that would be different to typical children her age.

But shes now 11, will be 12 when new award would start and she still sleeps terribly, and has to be re-positioned or go to the toilet most nights ( which she cant do alone) and I just think its unfair that I never have a full nights sleep and if she wakes I need to stay with her as she will start trying to maneuveor herself and has a few times then fallen and injured herself. Plus shes generally awake from about 5.30 every day as well!!!

My husband thinks I should appeal as we know a few children who need so much less care than her who are on higher rate care, what does everyone think? Theres no mention of her bad sleeping on the letter.

Any advice would be appreciated Smile
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your hubby is right..appeal. Make sure you're emphatic on the night care she needs. xx
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The difference between high rate and middle rate care is, Middle rate, children need over and above another child in either the day or the night time. High rate, they need over and above during the day and night. So if you feel that do do over and above in both the day and night time - appeal. If her care needs during the day have decreased and you don't need to supervise her as much this may be the reason. But if not then definatly appeal.
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i would appeal against it
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I would appeal!! Good luck. X
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