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(07-16-2011, 10:20 PM)tanxxx Wrote: Hi. My daughter is 6months old, she still isnt smiling or makin good eye contact. She cant hold her head up and doesnt show any emotion in her face at all. She barely cries, never really for a feed, she does the odd time for a cuddle! She has always been a sleepy baby. She was 6 days over due and the pregnancy went brill, much better than my 1st daughter who is now 4. She came out very fast and had really bad facial congestion. She also had a fractured right clavicle as her arm came out the same time as her head. This healed by itself within 2wks. Her head was out for about 5mins before my next contraction to push her body out. I had a waterbirth. She never did that big cry when she was born and needed oxygen for about 5-10mins. She keeps having some sort of seizure, it has happened about 4 times now. She did it the other day when we wer in the supermarket, her eyes roll to the back of her head and she clenches her left hand and shakes. She was sat in the baby seat in the trolley and i just grabbed her and held her close to me because i didnt want anybody to see her as it is really scary. She just snaps out of it aftr 5minutes maybe abit longer. We recently meet with the pediatrition and neurologist and she is going for an mri scan and blood tests, she also has physio once a week. I cant believe this is happening to us? Im so scared and just want everythin to be ok. She's our little princess, who is so beautiful! The ped said that something is wrong and she's not just going to catch up. Which is what i have been praying for. I feel so upset and hate seeing any other baby her age, as it brings it to reality how under devloped she is. Can anyone relate to me? Be nice to talk to someone who understands. Xxx

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Im so sorry i havnt wrote in so long. Just been finding things hard and trying to deal with everythin. My daughter is nearly 11months old now and is still finding it difficult to hold her head up for long periods at a time, altough i do feel like physio is helping and she is gettin stronger. She has the sunbeam chair to encourage her but she hates it. Ha! She went for mri scan and blood tests on 5th sept and we are still waiting on results. Its been 12weeks now, i feel so angry with how long its taking. I keep ringin up and its always the same answer... I'l chase it up 4 u, and i get told not to worry coz if somethin major had shown up then they wud hav got intouch by now. But that doesnt help at all. She is still not smiling at us or showing any emotion in her facial expressions. Which is making me think, cud it be autism. What do u think? She hadnt had a seizure for 8weeks then 2days ago she had 7 during the ngt. I took her to docs and got told she is coming down with cold and its common that children who have seizures have them before they start getting poorly! She is just so undemanding. Still find it hard seeing other babies, hoping that will get easier in time! Iv joined a support group which is nice to talk to people who have disabled children, i feel like i fit in more and its nice to talk openly about it! I live in kendal, cumbria. North west. Where about's u from? Thank u all so much for your posts, i really appreciate it. Hope ur little ones r all doing ok! Lots of love. Xxx

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