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when i was reading, not sure if it was your council Boola or its a general site but it said that if you took your child/adult (they are always Children to us arent they hehe) you could claim 10p a mile, i know when matt was at school and we had a problem with transport for a few weeks we got 25p a mile as it has to include wear and tear on the car as well not just the petrol(might have been to keep me quiet hehe). 5p wont even cover the petrol. is there anyway you can get the car put in your son or husbands name rather than your daughters? i dont have mobility car anymore i got a car that suited us better and it left me with enough money to pay towards petrol and meant i could use it for myself as well as matt as cant afford/have space for a car for matt, one for me and one for hubby to get to work!!! unfortunately i dont think mobility live in the real world in their rules
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