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hi i have a son who has special needs he has been on action plus iep for some time he has been assessed in the last 12months by the following professionals

educational pychologist
developmental pediatrician
physio therapist
occupational therapists
and one other who i cant think of at this moment my minds gone blank lol.

although no one has officially diagnoised him, most have mentioned aspergers with damp.
i have put in for a statment. then the schools senco where asked for info( as normal routine) after 2 days of the request being sent to them they got a phone call from his dedicated officer for the la who will deal with all the statmenting stuff asking them to get the forms to her by 4pm that evening it was a friday. luckly sch all ready had all paperwork ready and just needed my signature.
then the senco got another phone call last week asking for her to call a multi agency meeting before the end of term.
the senco has managed to arrange the meeting for this wednesday with everyone above plus herself, head, me and my sons named officer for the la.
i still have heard nothing off his named officer and am not overly sure why this meeting has been called. i dnt think the senco is tottally aware whats going on as his named officer seems to be pushing things.

can anyone help explain whats going on so i can prepare for the meeting on wed.

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