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Wondered if anyone could give me some advice, went to an appointment today with my son and have always been told that he has ADD, at the appointment a lady who actually seemed on the ball, was surprised that my son had not had a CASBAT and said he had all the symtoms of autism.

What does a CASBAT involve??

Any help much appreciated
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The CASBAT is whats Englishly known as the Communication and Social Behaviour Assessment Team
Its an in-depth assesment and the most frustrating thing about all these names is that many local authoritys have other names or use Jargon..
What is the problem with saying to the parent that we want the Communication and Social Behaviour Assessment Team to assess your child.

Because one day they might get a reply along the lines of

Ill have to get the SYYI lingo on them in reply (Stuff you you idiot)
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