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It's sports day today for both my boys! Ryan has gone off to the local athletics stadium where his high school have their sports day every year - he loves it, he's so sporty and this year is doing 100m, the relay and the javelin! He'll try anything new!!

Jack's nursery is taking the children to the nearby high school to use their field. They're taken there by staff, PCSOs and volunteer pupils from the school.

I'm really pleased Jack is getting to experience the day but part of me feels so sad that he can't run in the races like his class friends and he won't even really understand what is going on - to him it will be just great being outdoors (he loves being outside). The school asked if I could take his buggy which will make it easier to get him there and back - I had to warn them that he might not want to get out of it (since we got a Mclaren Major off ebay - he asks for 'Jack go in buggy' and once he's in he don't want to get out).

Thankfully, parents aren't invited to the sports day - I'd find it too emotional anyway - the staff at school say that in the past they've had parents there and they've caused a lot of anxiety for the children by shouting for them to run faster and win etc and then the Children end up in tears cos they can't all win. Jack's teacher said he'll probably take part in an event with his 'team' and I know they'll make sure he 'wins' something but I just wish he could run like the other Children and get excited about the whole thing. Ah well - at least they're willing to have him take part - I'd feel even worse if they told me not to take him to school or that they were going to keep him in school whilst they others went out. Still can't help feeling anxious about it all though. x
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Tomorrow is Varun's sports day as well. I totally understand whats going on in yr head. I'm also very anxious of how he'll react. But he too loves the outdoors so I'm sure he'll be happy to just be allowed to be outside. This full week was sports week for them so they had various sports related activities. He even sat on a pony which makes me so proud Smile

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