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just wondered if anyone can help? My 7 yr old daughter uses pull up nappies but is growing out of the largest children's size (17+ kg) The next size up is the small adult size (60 - 90 cm waist) but this is far too big. We are reluctant to go back to using traditional style nappies as this would be a backward step as she is beginning to use the toilet but at present have no alternatives.We have been told by the continence advisor the company which supplies Wales doesn't provide pull ups in our daughter's size. Does anyone else use pull ups for their older children and if so what make are they?
Many thanks
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We had that problem to, we approached the school nurse a couple of weeks ago (who orders the nappies) and we just got a delivery of DryNites pyjama pants, they are working well.
available for boys and girls in two sizes
4-7yrs : 17kg - 30kg or 2st10lbs - 4st10lbs
8-15yrs : 27kg - 57kg or 4st4lbs - 8st12lbs
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