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Hi there

I joined these boards a long while a go and not really posted, been more of a lurker.

Anyhow I am a Mum of 3 - 2 girls and a boy. Ages 6, 3 and 1. Two girls are as bright as a button and reached all of their milestones, and the 6 year old is doing very well at school.

However our 3 year old boy is causing us quite a lot of concern. From birth he was very difficult to feed - did not suck the bottle properly and vomitted most of the feed. He did not put on weight so was sent to hospital to establish the reason. He had pyloric stenosis (blockage of the stomach) and had an operation to correct it. After the operation it still talk a good while for our boy to put on weight - and we had to help him feed by using a syringe. Anyhow he did put on weight and grew well.

he measured on the 50th centile for height and weight but his head measurement was on the 0.4th centile.

At 5 months old, he still was not interested in toys and just pushed all toys away.

He was late sitting up - 9 months, crawled at 10 months and then walked at 18 months.

Speech is very delayed- even at 3 can say words of objects but cannot tell you how he feels, if he is hungry or thirsty etc. Can not say sentences etc. Does not know his colours and needs a lot of help with doing quite simple puzzles and sorting shapes.

He has no stranger danger and will wander up to anyone to give them a hug, and says hello to literally everyone he passes. He has no favourite toy and does not have a cuddly or special blanket that he 'needs' when going to sleep. He just settles himself to sleep. And everything in his cot gets thrown out. We have to put a sleeping bag on him back to front so he cannot get out of that and undress himself and get cold!

When walking he is quite clumsy - often falling over. And when walking or in the car - he mutters to himself constantly.

he has had tests for fragile x which came back negative.

he has had a blood test for creatine kinase - the levels are above normal and he will be seeing a neurologist.

The poor boy has seen so many people - including a geneticist but no one seems to know what is wrong.

I am getting quite concerned because as he gets old - his lack of social skills are getting more apparent and his ability to keep himself is not there as he has no stranger awareness.

The reason for me telling you all of this is to see if any of you lovely people have experienced anything similar and could shed some light on our little boy.

Thank you for managing to reading all of this.

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