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Hi All

I have a lean to on the side of my house, the front is empty and the rear bit has my fridge freezer and washing machine and tumble dryer in it.

It is leaking at the moment above the fridge freezer and the front and back entrance is rotten. We really need it replacing and it will costs quite a lot as the roof and walls have asbestos in them.

The rear bit I would like to keep as it is but the front bit I would like as a chill out zone with a toilet for my son who has adhd and ocd so he can have his friends over with the same conditions and have his own space without having to spend most of his time in his room which is a little box room

Would anyone help me out with a grant for this kind of thing.

Thanks Emma
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You could always see if you can apply for a DFG Grant

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Thanks wweangelica.

I will look into that DFG Grant

Thanks for your help xx
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I do feel like the grim reaper tonight with all my bad news Sad
A DFG will not cover this im sorry to say.....
DFG's are for the following types of work:

If you are disabled, acceptable types of work include:

* widening doors and installing ramps
* providing or improving access to rooms and facilities - for example, by installing a stair lift or providing a downstairs bathroom
* improving or providing a heating system which is suitable for your needs
* adapting heating or lighting controls to make them easier to use
* improving access to and movement around the home to enable you to care for another person who lives in the property, such as a child

The list is not a full list and there are additonal things they will consider.
But a home improvement is not one they will consider.

Sorry but just wanted to avoid you getting your hopes up Sad
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I don't know if either of the above charities will help for sure, but they may, worth a phone call as I have to agree with Daniel, The DFG won't help you. However with the charities, if your willing to meet them half way and get some of the work done, or soemthing they may help you with the time out space.

Hope this helps.

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