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We have contacted BSM about driving instructors charging for hours which have not been given and instructors who cancel without notice along with many other things.

We need members stories and we also need to know if you would mind these stories being shared with Family Fund and possibly the press.

Please email us your bsm stories to daniel@parentsofdisabledchildr​en.co.uk

We need stories such as
Cancellations at short notice
Hours not being given
Poor service
Any service issues

We are taking these direct to BSM with the aim of highlighting the recent decline in service and how these things are making a major impact on parents with disabled children.

Feel free to post your stories here or via email

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I couldnt get it to send in an email so ill put it here

Hi Ive had a bad experience with bsm. My first instructor was rude, shouted at me on numerous occasions and used to come back with lines of what do you expect for free! Knowing that i had a fear of roundabouts he made me drive to the biggest and busiest roundabout in the area!!He was always late and one time was an hour late because he had his sons Christmas play and expected me to drop everything and do the 2 hour lesson. He would constantly tell me he was putting in for my test and never. Im not 100% but i think he duped me out of a fair few hours as when i changed instructor ( after him shouting at another driver whilst i was driving left me in tears as i thought he was shouting at me) i was sure i had more hours but couldn't prove it as he had me booked for the same time and day every week and i trusted him not to write it in my book. When he found out I had changed instructors he text me and asked me why so he could improve his service!!!? I didn't reply as it would have been rude lol.

My second instructor has been brilliant. But we had a test booked in for the 8th of June (that bsm booked) and the driving instructor didn't turn up because they had told him the 9th!!! it took many hours of phone calls to get them to pay for a new test, the new test being 8 weeks after that and all they would give me in compensation was 2 hrs for the actual test knowing that i was now paying for the lessons as i had had a major confidence hit after the first instructor, saying it was ok i could go 8 weeks without a lesson!!! that was 5 weeks ago and i sit my test next week but it took me 4 weeks of pestering to get them to put the 2 hours on my instructors record and it was a battle every time. If somebody asked me if i would recommend them I would definitely steer them towards another driving school.

Bsms customer service/family fund department have been rude and obnoxious on many occasions aswell.
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I have had a bit of a nightmare time with BSM so apologies if its long or a bit ranty!
I started my lessons with them almost a year ago, I was due to have my first lesson on the 28/7/10 (with harry) but they rang me up just before to tell me that the instructor was no longer available. They gave me a new instructor (kevin) to start on the 5th August. I had a few lessons with him most of them were spent with me almost in tears as he was so rude to me and I was struggling with my clutch.
Then he had to change his car which put me back, he cancelled a few lessons due to his partner being pregnant then he went on leave and I had no lessons for about 2-3 weeks. When I did have lessons he was always late and would drop me back off early so I would lose time. He came back and was always tired grumpy and lacking patience, again I spent most of the time in tears and in October I decided to take a short break from my lessons as I couldnt cope with the upset. I actually didn't start my lessons again till Feb 2011, they told me he wasnt available anymore (which was a relief) and gave my someone new: Clive. I had one lesson with him and he said you need to book your test so I agreed and booked it for the 19th may, however when I spoke to BSM they told me Clive was leaving in a couple of weeks and most certainly would not be available for the test, so they said to keep that test date and they allocated me someone new: Azeem.
Had to wait 2 weeks for my lesson with him and he was lovely but said a lot of the things that Kevin had taught me was wrong so I basically had to start from scratch. He advised me he did not think I would be ready for the 19th and to rebook for the end of June.
A few times I had to change my lesson times normally only by 15-30 mins but this was still at an inconvenience to me and my family.
I then had to miss two weeks of lessons 2 weeks before my test as he was on holiday.
So fast forward and test date comes and I get told that I cant do my test due to the strike. I was gutted then Azeem told me he is leaving on the 12th July, found out the DSA had rebooked my test for the 20th July, so he wouldnt be available.
We both informed BSM that I needed a new instructor (on the 30th June and then 1st July) and was told a new instructor would be in touch. They also told me they had changed cars again so I would be on my 4th car! Did not hear anything at the start of the week so I called them on the 6th to be told they didnt know anything about it, and would call me back, they rang me first thing thursday and said I had been allocated someone called Paul and he would contact me later that day, didnt hear anything so called back friday, to be told they would leave him a message telling him to contact me ASAP, called up today and they offered me a one hour lesson as he wasnt available to do a two hour which I told them isnt good enough, explained about all the different cars and the fact I have my test in 9 days, and I need time to get used to the clutch and the manoeuvres, before the test, and they offered to book me in for a lesson on the 28th!!! I was just so angry becuase that is after my test date, so they have said yet again they are contacting the instructor to arrange lessons with me but I have been waiting a week already. If I am not ready for the test on the 20th or I fail the next date is 1st september. I just feel like they dont care and I am angry at the hours I have lost due to their changes and poor instructors, and feel that if I fail it will be their fault. I understand this probably doesnt sound as bad to you as to me but its been a nightmare for me between all the instructors:
And soon to be paul
Plus the change of cars and "quality" of teaching.
I am making a complaint to BSM about it all.
What makes it worse is that I am now almost out of hours thanks to their messing about. I am so tempted to say sod it and will find the money myself and pay private!
Sorry its been so long and I feel slightly better for getting it out.
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Hi, Have the rules changed recently? I got funding for driving lessons in 2009 and took private lessons. Had the best instructor ever and passed first time (though it took me ages (9m) to learn to drive)..
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wow, hearing these stories makes me glad i learnt to drive before i had heard of family fund. between bsm and haven i am surprised anybody gets anything that actually helps the families out
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