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jacknchloesmum, I am SO sorry to hear of your loss Sad
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I have been meaning to check in for a while.On the education front we have his statement and he got into a fantastic autistic school which he started in june and he is making loads of progress he has a few words im soo happy about that even if its shouting nooo at everyone for no reason its still a word and i was nearly in tears the other day when i took him into school and he actually said bye to me.I did the more than words course and that has helped as well. I am still getting no sleep and we have tried everything so the only option is for my ds to get a safespace i passed my driving test back in april and we got our motability car in may which has made life a bit easier.We are still trying to move but no joy so far.My son has gone from hating hugs and kisses to hugging everybody all the time even strangers lol and has developed a major phobia of grass which now means we now cannot visit any parks unless they are concrete but overall things have been good so i cant complain.I hope everythings going well for all of you (jacknchloesmum I am sorry for your loss)
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Wow I hadnt realised how long its been since I posted!
Anyway lots of change here, Noah will be starting at a local special school in sept. After lots of meetings and a battle with our local LEA we finally got the decision last week so its been all systems go to get transition started! Managed to get a visit vor Noah on friday and he really seemed to like it. Partly down to the hard work his current 1-2-1 has done with him (for which I will be eternally greatful) Hoping to get another visit sorted for this coming week (as only a week and a bit left till holidays) I am very nervous about him going in a taxi to this school but Im sure he will be fine, more me that will find it hard to hand him over I think.
The neighbour issue hasnt totally been resolved but the new 6ft fence means I dont see them now! Had a few items go sailing over but hey ho such is life!
Have hit a brick wall with funding for garden alterations, tried DFG and didnt get passed the first stage so I will keep on looking.
Abbi starts full time school in Sept and is most excited about the fact that mummy will be taking her AND picking her up! bless her x
Ollie has now reached the terrible 2's and my god his tantrums are up there with Noah's meltdowns! There are moments where I do wonder if he is on the spectrum. But at the moment he is doing well socially and his speech is as it should be for his age. I wouldnt be suprised though if he is somewhere on the specturm though not as severe as Noah. Time will tell I guess.
And as for me, each day is different. Some days Im up and others Im down. Not helped by Ex's complete refusal to recognise that Noah is autistic despite me trying to tell him on several occasions. He seems to selectivley "forget" those conversations. He seems to have this predjudice towards anyone who dare think/say his child has problems and my god if you say the word autistic the red mist decends!
Anyway I have rambled on enough!
Hugs to all those that need them xXx
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Hey every one its been a bit mad at my end we have found out that my oldest may had asd so we are shocked over that she is now under camhs ds has decided he does not like new clothes so with his jeans nipping at his ankles we are going to have to battle with that and we are trying to prepare ds for a wedding in a few weeks that he is having non of other than that we are looking forward to legoland this year with you lot Smile
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