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Well Im planning a trip or 2 for Children in 6 weeks hols cos ill drive myself mad staying in house all the time. Plus as Kenzie had been getting less fits lately (i know touching wood) i feel it wont be too traumatising for him. so its the zoo on 31st july and then who knows.
Hope every one is ok and looking forward to holidays xxx Big Grin
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Oooh, Lucy you look absolutely beautiful – can we see some more pics please? As for the driving – I passed 4 years ago after 9 mths of lessons at 4 hrs a week & if I can do it then anyone can! I spent an hour in the loo before every lesson (sorry, TMI, lol) and was so scared I would physically shake for the entire lesson but I’m so glad I persevered & did it as the difference it’s made to us has been incredible.
As for my boys, well I just had Charlie’s KS1 SATS results today & he did fantastically well, with 2C in maths & reading, 2 in science & 1 in writing which is expected as he has poor motor skills. Although his diagnosis is GDD, his understanding seems to be pretty much ok & his speech is improving too. Given where he was a year ago with everything at level 1, he has made great progress thanks to such a good school and fantastic TA. He has made 3 visits to his new school for Sept & loves it there so we are actually not worried by the move which is great as I was so worried when looking for a new school & getting his Statement hours increased, etc. My middle lad has just done his week of work experience in the nursery unit at Charlie’s school and the children loved him, he did really well & got a £10 gift voucher for his hard work. His last MRI showed no change in his condition and while we know he will need more brain surgery, it’s a relief that he doesn’t need it yet. He goes to college one afternoon a week doing a vocational course in health & social care, he's doing voluntary work for a local charity with SN children & he's planning to do training in early years when he leaves school next year. And my oldest lad is going back to college in Sept for his A levels, I’m not sure he is well enough still but it’s great that he’s well enough to try it!

Jayne xx
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Hi all been such a long time i not been around! well dad died on 17th june after 4 weeks looking after him 24 hoursSad so still hurts and missing him loads chloe birthday was 11th june and jack 18th june so we not really had good birthdays this year i have promised i will make it up to them soon. i am still ongoing with all dads paper work but i feel i need some closer to put him to rest and as usual lots of appointments for all of us, i have not been great my self for a while i put it all down to looking after dad but finding out i was seriously anaemic and just had a procedure to check am not bleeding internally. anyway ill stop moaning and try to get on more.. lucy & dan congratulation xxx
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Hi all , still no closer with finding out what is wrong with Cole , think doctors have all hit a wall but I'm still fighting :-) He is starting full time nursery in September at 1st I was not to happy about it as I was only used to 2 days him being away . He turned 3 years old in June . Glad he is off school now but he is also getting really spoilt and crying all the time, wants held and talked to lol for someone who cant talk he lets me know he is still there . He is so trying to get on his feet and is pulling himself up on everything ,but still not able to weight bare ,waiting on test being done on his legs .
I'm due 3rd baby in January was total shock , still playing on my mind if this baby will have same issues and how i'm even going to handle an other baby but i'll deal with it when I get there .

Awk jacknchloesmum , sorry to hear its been rough time, hope things ease up soon for you xx

Lucy i'm due to do my test in few weeks , starting to panic has have baby brain lol . The photo looks gorgeous , congrats on the wedding and wishing you's and your family all the best for the future xx
Single mum to a 14year old daughter and a son who is 3years old who has severe learning disability , hypotonia , hypermobility , visual impaired and sensory issues , he has showed me the meaning of life Heart and 3rd baby due 2nd of January 2012
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Hi everyone, all running quiet smoothly here now that all Alex appointments are in house at his school were he is due to start full time in september. all care is in place and Alex has settled into respite really well and now goes overnight with no problems all the staff love him he is the youngest they have had. we have got a kidwalk at home now after securing the funding from newlife. still have the little niggles kidwalk came without the correct seat, lycra suit had the zips in the wrong place, shoes were the wrong colour nothing major. our only battle at the moment is trying to get a dfg for downstairs bedroom and bathroom iam confident it will be done just got to jump through a few more hoops! sounds as if i have got it easier than other at the moment but it hasnt all been plain sailing hope i am not tempting fate by posting this?? good luck everyone i wish you well x
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