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Wanted to start a post so everybody can have a good old catch up Smile
Hows life for you at the moment?
How are things going school wise?
Hows things going healthwise?

And how are you feeling about things?

It will be great to see members new and old getting involved and welcoming older members back on board some of whom i know were undergoing difficult moments so it would be great to hear from you too.

Lets have a good old chin wag people Big Grin
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Hi, well things are busy busy busy for us lately!! Seliona (my middle daughter who has autism and selective mutism, aswell as other things) is not doing too great regarding school still (although she is 2 years infront for reading and spellings, she is struggling with everything else, as well as the social side of school). We had her annual review last month and are still awaiting a decision on this. We were supposed to have had it on Friday, but they decided that they were going to give us another week to gather any more info that we can, and they are going to decide this Friday whether we can move her to a special school or not! We are also having alot of problems with both the younger and older daughters! Older one has decided that at 9 years old she is an adult and can do what she wants when she wants and has become very cheeky, and naughty (we are now making reward charts and have brought a reflection spot and trying if this can calm her down!!) My youngest who is 2 and a half is a nightmare at the moment. Ive always said she has some signs of an ASD too, but thought it could be because she is copyng my middle daughter but am not so sure now. She has tantrums that instead of lasting maybe half an hr at the most like most Children her age, last hrs and hrs, she hates change, she hates certain textures of food, and certain clothes, the list is endless. She has her 2 year check next month with the health visitor, so i will be bringing all this up there and hope she will be reffered for assessment. Ive just finished my Open Uni courses for this year (start again in October) so thats part of my stresses gone, but at the moment my life is one big stress!! Ive been having all sorts of sleeping problems and other things. Dr has given me a number to call a psychologist and get an appointment, just havent done it yet! Anyway thats a quick update on us, loads more has been going on but thats the main things lol
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Hi, here we are nearing the end of term which means getting closer to a split placement for Sammy, who has cerebal palsy. Come september he will be 2 mornings a week in mainstream nursery whilst maintining 3 mornings in special school. I am so nervous but I am sure he will take it in his stride. We are waiting for his statement, which has been delayed due to a lack of communication with the ed psych. He goes into hospital on tuesday for a day for investigations on his throat and crou issues. So not really looking forward to that. But in general life goes on well but very busy!. We hopfully move to our bungalow soon which will make life ALOT BETTER! Having fought through the very confusing and annying DFG system to get it, I am happy not to have to deal with all their policies again (for a while anyway!) and Sammy has his new electric wheelchair (which I must stop calling and electric chair!) and he is away and his indpendance grows everyday which is just what I want for him.
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Hi,Scott is still recovering healthwise from his Chickenpox,we are still struggling with his seizures and they are worried that he has damaged his kidneys so we are waiting for a dmsa scan.My older son is finally getting the help he needs after 7 years of fighting the doctors so hopefully school won't be such a battle next term.We are currently arranging a big party as Scott will be 2 in a few weeks,something he was NEVER expected to do and after the last few months wondered if he would make it,it will coincide with his sisters 5th birthday so going to be ALOT of Children! eeeeeek! Smile hope everyone else is doing good.x
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hahaha awww our alfie is 2 next saturday!! doesnt time fly!! we've been busy with the wedding etc and of course lots of medical appointments lol. i'm really stressing over finally learning to drive, euans full time as of september but for the first month they want me to come in every day just to observe and help them do his medicines (as theirs so many and its all new to them) so i need to drive for that and also just in general to ease some of the pressure off us as a family.

Looking forward to our meet up Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin , hope the weathers good hehe


p.s heres piccy from the wedding Tongue

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