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Hope everyone is well. Just looking for advice please.
I recently moved into new council house, in different borough, as I needed to be closer to my son hospital , doctors etc etc.
The house is adapted wet room, stair lift which is perfect just what he needed. Problem is the house has no central heating jus a Gas fire; I was reluctant to accept this house but was told that that central heating would be done prior to me moving in. This was not done, but was told it would get done asap , as it’s a adapted house, disabled registered etc etc.
It’s been 4 months and still waiting, I guess it’s not too bad as its summer. Called a week ago now I am being told they are not sure when or even if they can install central heating etc etc. This frightens me, I need to insure this house has heating for my son. Did I mention that the gas fire is not working also. Just really don’t know my options, who to turn to get this sorted. The council don’t want to know, told me I am too fussy and a lot of people live without heating.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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hey hun, have a read of this http://england.shelter.org.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0003/237423/KeepWarmKeepWell.pdf with regard to the warm front scheme (info is about half way through) also, to get better advise on what rights you have to central heating you could call shelter direct on 0808 800 4444 8am-8pm Monday-Friday
8am-5pm Saturday-Sunday. You do have a right to adequate heating o the bare minimum they will have to come and fix your gas fire. What is your hot water source?

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the council are not allowed to have a gas fire that is not working, they have to do a full gas check every year and u should have a gas certificate to show that the fire and boiler is safe to use. you could also try and speak to the disability team in the council as they should have sent somebody around when you moved in to see what your son needed. i would have thought that central heating would come under better homes as well.
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In regards to the gas fire is there any proposal to fix this or make this right?
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That is terrible, Have you spoken to your GP to see if they can help you? also do you have a support worker

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