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Hi could any one give me some advice i have a son who is at the moment undiagoised with aspergers, he also has a bowel issue which means he wears nappies at 7yr and 9months, senserory issues and can self harm himself.
we have just started the statmenting process.
however for a while i have been unhappy with his new head at his school and am going to move him as soon as (fingers crossed) we get a statment.
there is a school about 8 miles from us set up for children with sen especially asd.
i would really like my on to go here as when i have been round it seems perfect for his needs.
they have 3 places available for yr3 in sept but cant guarentee that they will be available by the time my statment would come through.
can i please have some advice on the following.
1- what are my chances on the la allowing my son to go to this school as its not his nearest school.
2- what chances have i got of transport being provided to the school.
3-when is the best time to move him.
4- any advice on the statment and how i best to approach it.

thank you so much x
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This is a complex problem as there are several different issues and the first thing I would recommend is to get in touch with your local Parent Partnership (try your local authority website for details) or contact or IPSEA http://www.ipsea.org.uk/ or ACE http://www.ace-ed.org.uk/ for advice.

You will be asked to give your views as part of the process and this is your chance to make your voice heard so be very clear in what you say and what you want when you write your contribution. This is something your local Parent Partnership could help you with.

It isn’t a case of you moving him when he has a Statement, as part of the process you will be asked to identify your preferred school and if the panel agrees this is an appropriate choice then the school will be named on the Statement and can only be changed by going back to panel. Panel decisions are based on the reports they get from the current and proposed schools and the professionals working with your child.

However, as he doesn’t have a Statement yet, you could request a change of school via your LA now to ensure he gets in there ready for start of year at Sept which is probably an easier time for him to move than in the middle of a year. They should not refuse this just because he is currently being assessed but if it is a special school then he won’t get a place without a Statement anyway.

If you wait for the Statement process to name a school then the issue of the school not having spaces is not necessarily an issue. Class size limits are only in place in infant schools so at his age being full won’t necessarily mean he won’t get in. We got our son into an already full year group without that being an issue but schools and LAs can spout on about inefficient use of resources as one of the few reasons why they can refuse a place.

As far as transport goes, it’s always worth asking for but please read the guidance on this on the IPSEA site. If it is a mainstream school and you choose to move him now then you almost definitely won’t get transport as you have chosen to move him from your nearest mainstream provision to other mainstream provsion. This is also probably true even if he had the school named in his Statement as the LA will say that it is parental choice and not essential or necessary that he goes there as his needs can be met nearer to home. It may well be different if the school is a special school as they are less of them and it could still be your nearest appropriate special school. But they would have to agree he needs that level of provision and if they let him in on parental preference rather than specialist provision being necessary then you still probably won’t get transport although you could appeal it.

Please contact some of the people I have suggested and get some good advice on this and let us know how you get on.

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When we started the statment process with Ben they wanted us to send him to a school that was 20 miles away as it was the only school in our county, But we said no and wanted him to go to a closer school aross the border. Well we won and Ben has there there nearly 18 months and loves going. He gets transports but when he is 16 think we have to pay for it

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