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HI I had this system for my daughter but unfortunately by the time the physio had ordered it and got the funding for it we didnt get much use out of it.
It was a good piece of equipment but I would say it suits a baby better than an older child.
The seat part wasn't stable enough to hold my daughter been older(think she was about 14 months) and the rolls didnt keep her in position as she was too strong.
My best advice normally would be to say have a word with your physio first before you buy this, but this isnt possible.
I would seriously think about buying this as your child is older I'm not sure your going to get your moneys worth.
Sorry if this isnt what you wanted to hear maybe someone else will have better views on it.
If you want to know more please message me.
Hope I have help in some way.
Sara and Sophie xxxxx

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