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Hi all,

I was talking to my sons transitions teacher yesterday. She was fab and has been so helpful bridging the gap between mainstream and special education. She is close to retirement and knows her stuff. She was checking our address and I mentioned how this (hopefully) would change soon. She asked if we were moving because of Sammy, to which I replied yes.
She went on to have a little rant as to how she thought that families like ours, who had been forced to move because of our sons disbilities.
(yes we have been forced - our house would cost in excess of £60,000 to adapt and then we would never be able to sell/move without removing the adaptations again)
She said she thought we should all write to our local MP saying that if we were left in this position then we should be stamp duty exempt. She said she was going to do it herself and she said she would encourage me to do the same. I think that I will. She is right, we have been forced to move and the stamp duty we are paying is more than it would have otherwise been had we been just moving because we wanted to.
I have to say that here in plymouth we are fortunate and the DFG has covered all our fees including the stamp duty, but surely that is a reason for them to make it duty free? If they are going to offer this they would in fact loose nothing as they are essentially paying themselves!

What are your thoughts? Do you think its a good idea or do you think it will just fall on deaf ears? Having spoken to people in America and Australia with disabled children, although our system is flawed, we have one which helps and tries to enable. They get so much less. If we have a government who care then maybe?...

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