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hello everyone hope your all well

we have been waiting patiently for the dfg work to be carried out , after a bit of chasing etc
we had the tech officer out the other day to explain what they are doing

it is a downstairs shower room for my son and a double bedroom as he dont sleep alone ....they said they have to look long term so a double room would be better as he grows

we have a big garden (and just got it all done out aswell!!! Sad(()

so he said the extension would be going in the garden ...so start from the front room ....the thing is we have french doors on our lounge ?? will they replace them for something else?

ohhh Sad(( i will miss them they look lovely looking out to the garden plus the light

and how they going to do it ? walk out the lounge to the bathroom? then the bedroom?

i dont want to keep going through the bathroom to get to bedroom ?

i know im probably jumping the gun a bit lol

we are now waiting for the architect to come out to draw up a plan ....

has anyone had this done? pls pls pls let me know how it works ...do you get windows ? carpeted ? is it warm ? heating etc?

thankyou in advance

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hi, we too have the surveyor coming wednesday to measure up outside for a downstairs bedroom and bathroom, i would prefare the extention to go onto the side of the house there is plenty of room but instead they will try to utilise any space whether it is spare or not they are looking for the cheapest option. we had just put a new kitchen in with additional storage space for our sons meds and equipment when the tech guys first came round and suggested using half of the kitchen as a shower room and putting a bedroom extention outside. we had also landscaped the garden to make it accessable for Alex. i dont think they consider the disruption or direct impact on our lives and how stressful the whole situation can become we will see what they suggest the plan is this time? there are others on this site that have gone through the whole process from start to finish and have a better idea of what comes regarding carpets but you deffo get windows and heating! another case of budgets and postcode lottery sorry x
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