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hello i still carnt use the full website does any body know why
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Hello Jodie,
Dont worry its not you Smile
Our backend system has a security feature in which automatically moderates new members for a certain amount of posts Smile
We dont reveal how many posts as sadly if we do we will have cases of people joining who appear genuine and once they pass the post count spam the forum.
Dont worry we are not saying your a spammer Big Grin
Its just the policy is here to protect the forum from spammers from companies who try to join to sell all sorts such as drugs and thats not an overkill its often spammed with crazy stuff like this and as theres 3 of us moderating we cant all be around at 4am in the morning and this is when it often happens.

So dont worry and stick with it for a few more posts and you will gain full entry into the not so secret club Big Grin
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thank you daniel i thought i was doing something wrong thank u for getting bck 2 me so quick

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