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Looking for some advice and reasurance please. We going on our first family holiday with our 2 Children to Turkey in September. We normally have my mum with us but we now feel we need to do it ourselves panic!!!

Anyone got any helpful tips and advice for travelling with a disabled child. She is 6 with West Syndrome form of epilepsy, visual impairment, servere development delay and autistic. She can walk short distances and has a wheelchair.

We need to take nappies and medicines, syringes and lots of changes of clothes. We on a night time flight so will have to carry medicines on with us for her to take on plane.

Any advice so we can have a nice relaxing holiday hehe (I wish).
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hi , i have a son with cp, visual impairment , epilepsy and a gastro tube, we have been on holiday a few times and found it a lot easier than we expected it to be . i think the more you can plan ahead the better really , you will poobably be allowed allowence for medical needs in a suitcase so dont worry too much about the weight , as for taking the medicines on board you must get a doctors letter and a copy of your perscriptions, contact your airline special assistance before you go and all your details will go on your booking making it easier at the airport for you.
for me the most difficult time waa the airport but the holiday itself was great and fun was had by all.

hope you have fun xx
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Hi, we took euan to ireland for a conference when he was 18months old, we had feeding pumps, syringes, medicines etc, we flew for speed, we took a letter to the airport to take through his medicines as lots of them where liquid. security where ok with that, we packed the feed etc separate from our normal luggage, as far as im aware theyre not allowed to take the weight of medical supplies into your baggage allowance (you can imagine how heavy it was, the feeds where in glass bottles lol) . Also, they allowed us to keep euans pushchair right up until we boarded then they put it in the hold while we got on the plane, im pretty sure its the same precidure for wheelchairs. Also, in a recent holiday without euan, their where a couple of people in wheelchairs on the flight, they gave them priority boarding and took them on a spcialist transport vehicle accross to the plane which lifted them on in the wheelchair, once they where seated they then took the wheelchairs to the hold so their where no need for them to climb steps etc.


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