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Hi Jodie,

I think the best thing to expect is the unexpected. Everything they said my son wouldn't do, he has. Where he 'might / maybe' he has astounded and amazed. Things I thought he would achieve he hasn't and things he shouldn't be able to do, he has. Don't accept what they say. You know him and his limitations best.

You'll become a mum, Physio, OT, communicator like never before. Your on a journey now thats hard but more rewarding than anything I've ever known. You will revel in every milestone and the joy is amazing.

Enjoy your son, there will be hard times a frustrations. For us it was acepting that our son will never walk without aids was one. BUT the life he can have and his electric wheelchair is great. For every hard time there is light and an achievement in it all.

Hope this helps x x
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hi caroline there not sure what type he has yet am just finding it very hard to handle been told he is going to need a lot off specialist stuff and am finding i just wanna cry most of the time dnt really know how to handle it
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hi jodie, my son has never been diagnosed 'mystery virus', but very similar in all ways to cerebal palsy. he's 19 now so we have many years experience with it! would love to chat and help in any way x

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