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hello again, my freind has asked me to post to see if any of you people could help her, she has a back and neck problem but after xrays nothing is showing up. but on examination from her gp he said movement is limited when turning head, she now struggles with driving as she cannot easily turn her head to reverse ect, also has real trouble at work so has cut her shifts from 16hrs to 7 per week, she takes co codamol 30/500 every 6 hrs naproxen 500 twice a day and a 100mg slow release tramadol before bed, do you think she maybe entitled to some level of dla? as she has no diagnosis at all? thanks williams mum
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I'd say she should at least apply but the government are making some changes and I'd bet she'd get refused initially. There is even talk of scrapping the low rate care element too if I've heard right. She would need to ensure that her GP is fully aware of all her problems and maybe even arrange a further appointment to just update things with them as they may well be contacted. If she's seen a pain management team, physio or any specialists etc she should include all of this too.
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In terms of needs where abouts is your friend?
Is there any actual care needs?
Also walking how far can she walk without pain?

From what you have put its a border line case.

You mention nothing has shown on the xray?
Surely a MRI would be a better choice if this could be a back issue?

This may help with any diagnosis?

In terms of DLA its very hard to say without knowing any full impact
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