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hi guys i know i havnt posted for a while still look in but my hands have been full with my son's epilepsy getting worse but any how hopes its ok to post this xx

hi guys i know this is off topic but it is so close to my heart due to my 6yr old son having it and its not getting much better at the moment. if u cud take 2mins and check out the fundraiser i wud really appreciate it xx


radio station: http://web.comhem.se/7devilsstudio/

u can donate here even just £1 it goes to buying FREE anti-suffocation pillows to children and adults in the UK http://esuk.uk.com/

so far on the 24hr radio fundraiser we have raised £417 and 1 generous person donated £200 pleses lets try and make it to £500 before 2night donate here esuk.uk.com/ and listen here http://xat.com/SevenDevilsStudio

lesley x

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