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(07-11-2011, 07:26 AM)Daniel Wrote: In order to get the possible loophole im looking for could you measure the height and width Big Grin
Hi daniel its 68inches tall at the tallest point, 110 inches wide by 89 inches deep.
Just got a letter today from social services saying that as Lucie can walk she doesnt qualify for the grant which i know it a load of tosh as i work with 2 families of children who can walk and both have recieved grants for a new bedroom. Also was told that id we didnt like the idea of cctv, maybe we should buy a baby monitor, which if they had read their notes properly they would know they dont work in our house as there is too many concrete walls for the signal to pass through and also it's not sensitive enough to pick up the sound of her breathing above the crackling.
I am losing the plot, feeling really emotional and feel like we're not worth anything and Lucie isnt important to them!

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blinkin eck i wouldnt be able to stand up in that room, did you also say there wasnt a window in the loft room? i had the same answer when i asked for a driveway. they told me as matt wasnt in a wheelchair he wasnt disabled, it was only when i threatened to report them for discrimination (i think if he gets dla he is classed as disabled) they stuck a note through my door saying they would pay for dropped kerb but i had to pay for driveway myself. i have had dropped kerb done some years ago but when i finally saved enough to get driveway done the quotes are now 3 times the price lol but i have been told as he is now an adult and he still cant cross a road by himself i might be able to get it done (friends daughter is a social worker hehe) so will be speaking to my s/w on wednesday.
There comes a point in your life when you realize:Who matters,Who never did,Who won't anymore...And who always will..
So, don't worry about people from your past,there's a reason why they didn't make it to your future.
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Now thats interesting, we were told we wouldn't qualify for a driveway / car port BECAUSE our son can't walk and is not a danger to himself! How the advice varys!
Keep fighting, its sad to say, they are about the money not about helping people. To get the full amount your entitled to is only possible through fighting I have come to find!
Luciesmum, we have all felt like you do, like no one cares but we do, and we've all had to fight. Lucie is worth every phone call, as are your other two children and you can do it. Keep going. x x x

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