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Just wondering if any has got a dog from the dogs for the disabled? Ben loves dogs and like the look of their dogs that they do for austic Children.
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i looked into this but not eligible as i have 2 children with autism x
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i'll just say something, i have a daughter with global development delay, and very challanging behaviour, and possibly asd we have to cocker spaniels, the 1st one we brought when my daughter was 2, and you can pull him around stand on him and take food away and doesn't batter an eyelid, they other one we got last yr, my daughter thinks she is her world and will only talk to people when she has the dog, she pulls her around every where dresses her up in baby clothes, and but in a dolls buggy and pushed arouns lol , if you decide to get a dog i would always say get it from a puppy as the dogs adapt to the children not the other way around. my dogs are not both registed as pets at therapy dogs as they are brillant, we have a autstic boy we take them too and he pulls their back legs and they let him. and i would always say a spaniel of any sort is a good choice of dogs from my personal experience.

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