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Our Euan went to a private nursery and they were worse than hopeless even though our daughter had previously gone there and thrived!
All they ever said was he dont play with children and sits on his own......and they never even met his medical needs so we pulled him out!
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(01-21-2010, 07:52 AM)kerryh86 Wrote: Hi my sons old mainstream school(which are fantastic) have left his place open so when or if he is ready to go back he can do, the children from the s&l unit go and have maybe a hour a day in their age class in the mainstream school which it is attached to but the children always have a teacher with them from the unit(basically there is always some1 there,they never leave his side not even for the toilet!) the unit has a SALT working there 3 days a week all day too...my son loves his new school ,i think because he as a adult with him all the time and he gets on better and plays better with a adult than a child!
if u want to know anything else please feel free to ask
kerry x

Hi Kerry, thanks for the advice, sounds like your boy has the best of both worlds which was what attracted me to the S&L Unit. If he goes there though he will go to his local primary school one day a week rather than the school the unit is attached to. As he progresses he will be integrated into the school more, two days, three days, etc. He'll only be in the S&L unit until he reaches 8 and then they'd want to think about integrating him fully into mainstream. I presume you're son went to mainstream first then S&L, am I right??

I don't think my boy is ready to go straight to mainstream as he has very poor speech and understanding.

Thanks for you're experiences and advice, we need all the help we can get!!

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yes my son went to nursery in the mainstream school and then spent about 5 weeks full time in the mainstream school, but they just couldnt cope with him and meet his needs as his speech and understanding were so severe, altogether it took about 6 months to get him statemented and a place at the unit but he had been in the sen service since he was 18months he only turned 5 in dec
if you want to know anything at all dont hesitate to ask and good luck

and daniel im only putting him in the private nursery untill the summer hols then he will start mainstream school nursery in september, im putting him in there so i can see if he plays with the children in the setting because at home he just crys and hits my friends children and i want the peditrican to have a report of what he is like in a nursey because he doesnt have the same concerns as the speech therapist and myself and we go back to see im in 4 months.
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when reece left the small setting nursery i wasnt never given special school as an option. it wasnt so bad for my ds while he was in reception year but now they all moved up and they have hardly any play at all now its been impossible for him. the schools ive visited so far have been great and i would be happy to accept a place at any of them. my dd wont be going to a mainstream school, im not even taking the chance. but reece has spent a year and half in mainstream so we gave it a good chance. some children come on really well in mainstream, i do think the option to move from mainstream to special school should be easier from the current process

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