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Hiya this is my first post.

My daughter age 6 is currently still in nappies and we still can fit her into the swimming nappies but these are getting very tight. Is there anything available for disabled children still in nappies ie a discreet swimming suit with nappy built in or bigger swimming nappies appropriate for her.

Look forward to speaking soon

Michelle x
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Hi there,
Try this site, they've got quite a range of different products: http://www.incywincy.net/acatalog/One_Piece_Style_Swimsuit_for_girls_ladies.html
Hope this helps
Jayne x
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i got my little boys swimming nappies from here http://www.fledglings.org.uk/index.php
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I bought two styles of swimming trunks with a very discreet built-in swimming nappy for my 7 year old son from incy wincy (you can google them) and they are fantastic; they do girls swimwear with built-in nappies too.
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We have splash about trunks (boy): see


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