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Hello- I am new here and hope you dont mind me posting but I am at my wits end. My 2 and a half year old has GDD and no language. For over a year now she has been pulling other children's hair. She really pulls hard...handfuls of hair and really hurts them. We have tried removing her, saying no, telling her 'gentle'. People have suggested giving her a distrartion with hair but you can't predict when she will do it so this doesnt work. She often starts by cuddling a child and then pulls there hair. It is all the time...at nursery 3-4 times an hour all day. We have got through 3 childminders due to it and now it is really effecting our time with Eve. As we have stopped taking her anywhere where there is other children. As she really hurts them and we have had so many parents being nasty to us or our daughter.
Please help me we are waiting for further assessment and already have portage and attend a special neeeds group but noone has any new suggestions. I dont think anyone realises how this is effecting us all.
thank you
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Sorry I've got no suggestions for you but I would ask GP, health visitor or Paed for a referral to a behaviour support service or CAMHS. It sounds really hard for you, it's obviously a much bigger problem than people realise and you need some proper help with it.
Good luck with it,
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Hi do you know when she will do it , ie what mood she is in ? My son is 3 years old and is gdd and non verbal . He pulls hair as well , but not for a reason . He is pulling himself up to stand but cant weight bear yet so holding on to someones hair is how he seems to do it . He also does it when he wants some one to whisper in his ear . I just try to stop him before he does it , I sort of know when he will do it . Just keep trying to tell him it hurts and be gentle but he has very limited understanding . I just warn every one he comes into contact with people . He goes to a special needs nursery 2 days a week so they are used to him and other children doing it , he also goes 2 mornings to sure start and they are great with him and have started working out when he is going to do it xx
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have any of the children pulled her hair back? i know when matt was young there was another autistic lad in his class that hit matt but matt has a strange rule that they can hit 3 times but on the third time he hits back and the lad didnt hit him again and moved onto another child that didnt hit back all that happened was the staff would take him to sensory room so it seemed like he was being rewarded for his behaviour.
p.s. i did not teach matt to hit i just noticed over time and what teachers told me he seemed to do it automatically hehe
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hi, my son is also a hair puller, he nips as well. we think its a sign of frustration he is also non verbal he used to swipe at one particular little girl and pull her hair but nursery staff felt it was because she squeeled and he liked her reaction. we had the input of cahms and basically they used distraction techniques and no reaction at all to his behaviour. he still does it though not as often and more when he is tired and fighting his sleep the same as his pinching when that gets too much we put gloves on him, that may seem harsh but its the only solution i have had comments on the marks on my arms i look like i have been taking drugs ha ha
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