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Hi all my son taylor is supposed to start full time in sept, but the all the proffesionals have decided he is nowhere near ready for it so is going to move from afternoon nursery to mornings and basically introduce him to full days over time, so he is going to be part time they havnt put a time scale on it its on taylors terms really and how he copes with it,,, at the minute he is in nursery with another 2 children and 1 teacher and 2 assistants so its 3:3 ratio, we are having a bit of difference of opinions with education as he is going to a class of 10 with 2 staff with no 1:1 and his current teacher and ed psycologist are saying he needs constant 1:1 in there own words "to protect himself and others from danger" as it takes two staff to pick him up and calm him down,but the LEA are basically saying there is not enough funding and the class is small enough for him, so now its a waiting game as these worries have been sent back to LEA so just waiting to hear.
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when my daughter was in nursery the ED psy was able to get emergency early years funding, this is availble to all children in nursery and reception class to help ensure that all children recive an education. Every child is entitiled to nursery should there parents consider it to be the right time and they are three years old. I would also ask your LA for a copy of the Code of Practice for SEN, this book will help you to understand your childs rights to an education.
also Ipsea, and ACE are very helpful.
good luck.
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Had a phone call from Sammy's nursery yesterday to say that they have got the extra funding for him so will do 5 sessions in the afternoons

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