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Hi, sorry been a mixed week my end and about ready to scream so thought rather than start scaring the neighbours i write it down here.
my son whos almost 7 and is believe to be on the austistic spectrum has been ok this week quite teary but i don`t blame him as i have been run from pillar to post.
first hospital appts everyone passing me off to someone else.
then i have college and a placement in a school where there alot going on due to a move for building works so its all stress there.
then job centre wanting one meeting after another.
and my sons schools got a new head as of sept and me and him really do not get on, so thats made things so difficult up there to the point i have looked at other schools but they all say they wnt take my son and i need to sort it out with the head.

The only up side to this month events are i have 2 weeks before i hear from dla whether my sons eligable, and in the middle of july i will hear if my son is going to be assessed for a statment.
sorry and hope you all have a fantastic week xx

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Hi hope having bit of rant has helped get it out of your system and hope everything works out x
Single mum to a 14year old daughter and a son who is 3years old who has severe learning disability , hypotonia , hypermobility , visual impaired and sensory issues , he has showed me the meaning of life Heart and 3rd baby due 2nd of January 2012

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