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Have you thought about safespace. Its like a tent that fits inside his bedroom. It might prevent him from hurting himself and you might be able to get some sleep. Things always seem better when you have had a good sleep.
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Just thought I would update this.

I contacted social services and was told that they cannot help as my son goes to a special needs school and has an occupational therapist there.
I got a referral back to his paediatrician (took 2 months) who's response was "oh, we shall try melatonin then" well, i can safely say it does NOT work with my son, and i brought up his lack of muscle tone, intermittent limping on his leg and was told it is growing pains.
I havent slept properly in 3 months and feel utterly fobbed off by everyone that could help- it seems everyone is telling me to seek help elsewhere.

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