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Hi, not sure if this is in the right forum or not...

My son is 4yrs old and autistic, i also belive he has adhd but this is not diagnosed nor have i spoke to gp about it.

I'm a single parent and my son attends special needs school for 5 minutes a week, this is the only 'support' him or me get, there is nobody else involved in supporting him at home.

I feel very isolated at the moment, i feel his behaviour is escalating and becoming more violent and just generally 'misbehaving'.
In the last few months he has changed from a boy that would go to bed/sleep straight away to a child that takes 2+ hrs to go to sleep and is up at least a few times every night.
I started locking him in his room when i put him to bed and he would try and open the door, realise it was locked and get back into bed and chatter to himself. This has been getting worse as he has tantrums at bed time now, then last night he got so violent with the door he pulled it off its hinges and it fell on him (luckily he was unhurt).

During the day, unless i give him 100% attention 100% of the time, he has tantrums and throws himself on top of me, kicks out, bites, hits etc.

I just feel at my wits end, i have no one to talk to in a professional capacity and feel well and truly abandoned since he started school (when his pre school special eds teacher was then 'taken away')
Please can someone offer some advice/help. I have been in tears on and off all day...not good especially when its my birthday and meant to be a happy day!
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i would contact childrens services and ask for a social worker, to get support nowadays it seems you have to shout for it as its not just given (basically if you dont ask for help they can pretend you dont need it)
hope your birthday got better
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Hi I know how you feel sort of , i'm a single parent and it does get to you at times when your dealing with it all , and have no-one you can off load to at the end of the day . What would you do when your son goes to school ? How do you deal with his outburst ? You can contact home start as well that will come out and try to help you get him into a bed time routine again or just to offer you some support . x
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lots of hugs to you, i know how it feels for someone not to sleep.
When we moved it took ages for Ben to settle in his room and he just wouldn't sleep or would sleep for a couple of hours and wake up then not go back to sleep.
We was told to move things that he could hurt himself on and just to let him get on with it. We still have some nights when he wakes up early but his sleeping has got a lot better.
Have you spoken to your health vister or GP to see if you can get any extra help for your son.
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Just to also back up the excellent advice given,
You need to ask for a Social services assesment from the childrens disability team.
Do ensure though you make it clear you want an assesment from the disability team.
They are not your run of the mill child protection social worker who people are very worried about.

The childrens disability team can really help identify extra support be it direct payments,respite or even extra school hours in some cases.
Believe me you are not alone and life can be a very hard struggle when you child with special needs and this is why we set up this forum to help people get support they should be getting in the community which sadly they are often not.
Have you any family support you can call upon?

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